Trapped indoors with a sensory seeker.

So apparently there is this huge storm rolling into our town today. Haven’t seen any signs of it yet, but it was enough scare to get school cancelled. So, it’s just me and he kids stuck inside all day. I had these plans of baking some cookies, watching Disney movies, doing laundry and getting chicken fajitas going in the crockpot, while drinking coffee and snuggling my kids in between. It was actually going to be a much needed day of rest. 

What the fuck was I thinking? 

Seriously. I am well aware of Dawson and all of his wants/needs/demands….yet here I was planning a relaxing, joyful day with my kiddos. Come on, I should know better than to get my hopes up…

Every morning, I get the kids cocoa and my coffee ready. I give Dawson 20 minutes of alone time in his crib (I’m not a horrible mother, he prefers it) while I get things done around the house. I get a fire started, pick up the house and make sure Dawson’s rules are followed…because if I don’t, the entire day is ruined. 

  • The bonus room door must be open
  • The tv must be on the music channel
  • Hide the remote for tv, otherwise he brings it me over and over and I have no clue what he wants…which will eventually lead to meltdown. However, I can’t hide it too far, because when the screen saver pops up on the tv, I have roughly 4 seconds to get rid of it, or he will meltdown. 
  • I hide my phone and iPad (I like to delay screen time as long as possible, which is usually only 30 minutes)
  • I make sure the laundry room doors are open
  • I set out the dishwasher detergent for him to look at
  • The living room lights are off

Okay, I’ve done everything. Now I go get Dawson per usual and greet him with a hug and kiss. We come to the living room, I change his diaper and give him his cocoa in his sippy cup which is electrical taped shut (he still pulls the lid off). After that, I immediately sit down on the couch (with remote hidden under my leg)…because if he sees me up, he assumes I am available to flip him in the air 1,245 times. 

All of these requirements are silly, I am aware. But unless someone feels like coming over and trying their hand at this, I’ll just keep doing what I know works…until we can figure out a better way. 

This morning started out just like any other day for us, except for the weather warning. With black ice a likely occurrence for today, and living on a very steep hill, i hadn’t planned on leaving….hence the perfect rest day I had planned. Well, It’s only 1:30pm and I have resulted to hiding from Dawson (Emmy is hanging out next to me, always) in my bedroom for as long as I can get away with it. I’ve been in here for 10 minutes. No shame. Although, I kind of wish I atleast had a tv in here. 

He’s driving me crazy. Every time I go to the kitchen, he follows me and whines. I give him every single food/drink choice (except for the beer. That’s for me to drink tonight…well, maybe sooner rather than later. Don’t judge me. Or do, I don’t care.) and he doesn’t want anything. No. The ONLY thing this kid wants is input. Alright, screw the cookies, I’ll bake tomorrow. Since I’m in the kitchen, let’s atleast get started on the fajitas. Dawson can cry for a few and then I’ll try to figure out what he wants. I pull out the crockpot and all the fixings to go in it, but the chicken is in the freezer in the garage. The problem with this: if I open the door to the garage, he will want to go out there. That normally would be okay, but it’s literally freezing out there and trying to convince him to get dressed for that won’t be easy. Besides, once we go out there(just to grab the chicken), he will want to be out there for hours, with the door to warm and cozy house open. Perfect, guess I won’t be making any crockpot fajitas. Whatever. I’ll figure dinner out later. 

Alright, he’s still pissed. So I give him what he wants. I pick him up, and I flip him upside down and land him on the floor. I tickle him and we do this all over again. 29 times I did this before my back hurt and I had to pee. Maybe that was enough input? It felt like forever. I walk away, he’s pissed. Alright, let’s distract him with the iPad, didn’t work. How about the vibrating toothbrush? Nope. Oh I know, the vacuum!!! Fuck yes, he’s happy! (He better be, he has all three things now).

Now that Dawson is content, how about that Disney movie and some laundry? Emmy picks despicable me and I grab the warm laundry from the dryer. Oh shit. The laundry!! What was I thinking?! Here comes Dawson. He loves the warm clothes, so much he lounges on them and won’t let me fold anything. Screw it. The laundry can wait….me and Emmy are  going to snuggle and watch this movie while Dawson claims the laundry. I grab my coffee and we get cozy and we put the movie on. Dawson is not happy we changed the channel from his music. Of course he isn’t. We change it back. No point in trying to watch it when he will just be crying the whole time, which will always lead to a meltdown. She’s bummed, but she agrees that coloring is more fun anyways. She’s the best kid. 
Well, every single thing I had planned for our snowed-in day has gone to shit and I’m starving. Not once have I been able to feed myself, because us moms know that is the last damn thing on the list of things to get done. Atleast I have my coffee and the most understanding daughter in the universe. 

Dawson though. Ohhhhh Dawson. My tiny dictator is just too demanding. He won’t stop crying, unless I’m flipping him in the air…and I can only do that for so long. I offer other options for input, but nothing is like his own personal mommy jungle gym. A ride in the car is a close second, which is what ends up happening when nothing else works. So, basically everyday….actually no. Every single day, we go for a car ride, to satisfy Dawson’s sensory needs. Not today though, because we are SNOWED IN! 

Wish me luck people. Dawson has found us and is getting some input rolling around on my bed and playing with his toothbrush. Maybe I should bring the mattress and bedding into the living room and see if we can turn this day around? Here goes yet another attempt at pleasing my demanding little sensory seeker.  

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