He deserves some fun too

The fair is in town for a few days and I have been thinking about it for several months. I have been pondering the thought of leaving Dawson at home….again, because I am positive that it will simply be too much for him. Too many people. Too many lights. Too bright. Too hot. Too busy.… Continue reading He deserves some fun too

We almost made it

As many of you know, I have been eagerly awaiting a milestone from Dawson. There are so many on the list, but the one that I want to be able to cross off….it’s really important to me.  Having autism is probably really frustrating. Not being able to communicate yours needs or understand others has got… Continue reading We almost made it

Happy Birthday, Little Man

July 11th, 2013. Our last day as a family of three. I was way pregnant and past due with Dawson and we were scheduled to be induced the morning of July 12th…So I wanted to take the whole day to focus on Emmy. I set my alarm for 9am (the good days of sleeping in).… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Little Man

Mermaids and pirates

Having kids with birthdays in the same month can sometimes be a pain…but when they are only 10 days apart, it’s a little convenient. I planned on doing a few joint parties, just as long as I could get away with it. I did promise that if they ever wanted seperate parties, I would honor… Continue reading Mermaids and pirates