Our last visit

A year a half ago, I was on a mission to find someone, anyone to believe me when I told them that my son was different. Doctors didn’t trust me. Friends thought I was worrying too much. My family had faith in me, but they had more hope in Dawson. At just 1.5, it’s hard to… Continue reading Our last visit

I didn’t back out

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to let Dawson’s autism rule our lives? I promised myself that I would get the family out to do more things, even though it might be scary or difficult. Well, a few weeks ago when The Progress Center invited our family to go on a camping trip (June… Continue reading I didn’t back out

My best friends wedding

When my bestie got engaged almost two years ago, she came to my house and asked me to be her matron of honor. Well actually, she didn’t ask…she just said “you are my matron of honor and your kids will be the flower girl and ring bearer.” I was super excited and gladly accepted that… Continue reading My best friends wedding