I didn’t mean it. 

We all say things we don’t mean on a daily basis. As adults, we can be stubborn and never admit to our wrongs or quickly take back that nasty comment we didn’t mentally process first. Either way, we have the maturity to fix our wrongs doings. Atleast, we should.  The other day, my sweet daughter… Continue reading I didn’t mean it. 

Another day, another doctor. 

After Dawson’s MRI came back negative a few weeks ago, his PCP as well behavioral Doctor encouraged us to see a genetics specialist. We were put on a waiting list and weren’t supposed to be seen u til July. They called yesterday and asked if I could make it down today and of course I… Continue reading Another day, another doctor. 


I have waited almost three years for a kiss from my son. I know it sounds like a petty thing to worry about….but imagine if your child had never kissed you, ever. Bet that made your heart hurt just to think about. It’s been hard, really hard on me.

I am not saying that we have never kissed. Sure, sometimes I can hold him down and smooch those amazingly kissable lips. It’s a task though. I have to hold his face and go in for the kiss fast….but he hates it and cries. So that’s special.

Kisses from children are special. It’s a symbol of their love, affection and appreciation for their mommy. It’s their way of telling us they love us. It gives us a warm feeling inside and reminds us that we created this human who truly adores us. Kisses are something that most children can do by 18 months. Dawson will be three in July.

There are so many things that Dawson has yet to accomplish. Talking, playing on a playground, potty training, wave hi/bye, jump, drink from a cup, eat by himself, stay overnight somewhere. The list goes on and on. It’s overwhelming and very difficult not to compare him to typically developing children his age, but one thing we can go ahead and check off that list, giving kisses!!! I am so happy and proud to say that my little man will give me a kiss!

This is huge. 

I wish I could explain the magnitude of my little man running up to me, putting his hand on my shoulder and giving me a kiss. I have longed for this moment. He has the most perfect lips, and every time he would look at me, I would just be reminded of how he’s never let me kiss him. Well, in true Dawson style, this too has been well worth the wait. He gives the best kisses, and I may or may not ask for about 100 a day. Seriously, I can’t get enough!

Dawson might be behind his peers. He is well behind his 9 month younger cousin. There are so many things he hasn’t done….yet. But, I’ll never lose hope. I will never stop believing in my son. He takes a while longer than most, and I am trying to accept that. It’s hard. Autism is always hard, but the small vicories far outweigh the struggles.


I don’t have any pictures or videos of dawson kissing me, but here is some kisses for daddy!

Mother’s Day

I am with my kids almost every waking moment of every single day. I get their cocoa every morning, followed by our morning snuggle/cartoon routine. When Dawson has decided that is over and we can get up, I begin my duties. Dishes, diapers, laundry, pick up….usually while listening to Dawson cry (not as much lately),… Continue reading Mother’s Day