One person

There are days when it’s tough with Dawson. He cries and for whatever reason, and is simply not happy. I do my best at guessing what it is that’s bothering him. Maybe he ate something that upset his tummy. Maybe he is tired. Maybe his sock isn’t on right. Maybe the texture of his shirt… Continue reading One person

Good days

The good days with Dawson, make all the bad ones fade away. I forget about the constant crying and overwhelming possessive control he had over me the day before. I lose sight of how far behind he might be socially and developmentally. I am able to let go of all the frustration, worry and stress… Continue reading Good days

Thank you

There are so many people who love my son, and I’m not sure any of you truly know the impact it has on me…or him. He isn’t able express himself in a way that most can understand, but I can promise you this…He loves you. He appreciates you. He hopes you never stop showing him… Continue reading Thank you

Attention Cigna CEO

How can you deny a child coverage for something he was born with? How can you possibly sleep alright knowing that you are preventing a child from getting the help they need because they were born with a disorder? A disorder that drastically affects daily function and social requirements needed to survive this very amazing but… Continue reading Attention Cigna CEO