Please ask. 

A year ago, I had so many questions and nobody to ask. Doctors didn’t listen or acknowledge my questions and worries. At the time, I had no special needs parent friends in my life. I had friends who worked with special needs children, which was helpful…but I wished so badly that I had someone on… Continue reading Please ask. 

To the lady at the checkout…

Running errands might seem like such a simple task. Dress the kids, strap them in and go. Haha! I wish. No. For us, just the mental preparation is exhausting. Seriously, it takes me a couple days of convincing before I decide to just put my big girl panties on and get it done. I pack… Continue reading To the lady at the checkout…

Love, support & cookie dough ice cream. 

This week was hard.  Dawson wouldn’t stop crying for two days straight. There were no moments of peace. I tried every trick and nothing worked. I was going crazy. It got so bad that I scheduled him an appointment at his doctors office. When a child cries from the second he wakes til he goes… Continue reading Love, support & cookie dough ice cream. 

The best uncles

My husband comes from a male dominant family. He is one of five boys (2 brothers, 2 step), and lived with his dad growing up. Everywhere you turn, there’s testosterone…which was weird for me at first, considering I come from a mostly female dominant family.  Anyways-Emery and Dawson have a total of 5 uncles. Four… Continue reading The best uncles

Finally, some hope

Today was such a good day with the little man. He didn’t sleep much at all last night, so when he finally fell asleep at 6am, I let him sleep til 11am. It was so nice to be able to spend uninterrupted time with Emmy. We looked up Pinterest crafts, read stories and practiced our… Continue reading Finally, some hope