He wouldn’t let go

This past month, Dawson has been full of happy surprises. Less crying, more social, regular sleep pattern, babbling, holds hands…just to name a few. He has been pleasantly suprising us every day. They appear as small steps to most, but huge for us.  At Dawson’s age, typically developing children can say 4+ word sentences, interact with… Continue reading He wouldn’t let go

Daddy obsessed

For the first two years, Dawson wanted me, and me only. He would cry for/at me. I couldn’t sit down or get up without tears. Any change at all would just set him off. He was all about mommy….for two whole years.  I would call my husband everyday while he was at work, because he… Continue reading Daddy obsessed

Dawson’s first haircut

So, about six months ago I decided to give my son a haircut. I was nervous that it might look terrible, but I was willing to sacrifice that in exchange for not having to go to the salon. The haircut took about an hour, and was done using kitchen sheers. Not my proudest moment, but… Continue reading Dawson’s first haircut

No way did he just do that

They say kids on the spectrum can be extremely smart. However, sometimes, it can be pretty difficult to see that. Having a non verbal, socially disconnected toddler makes it almost impossible. Almost.  Dawson loves devices. Phones, tablets, TVs…anything with a screen. We try to limit the time, mostly because society says we have to (Which… Continue reading No way did he just do that

Not just another sleeping toddler

It’s a beautiful thing, watching your child sleep. We get to study each and every perfect feature and just stare in disbelief, wondering what we did to deserve this miracle. We watch as they take each sweet little breath and become overwhelmed by our thoughts. It almost brings tears to our eyes to think that our… Continue reading Not just another sleeping toddler

The second Year

….Things were about to get much harder and way more stressful. Dawson had a broken leg, was non verbal, behind all of his peers…I became a hermit. I deleted all social media platforms. I hated seeing all these perfect fucking families with all of their typically developing children. It made me mad, sad and incredibly… Continue reading The second Year

Horses and hand flaps

I wish I could describe the feeling of watching my son hand flap and scream for joy. Its like seeing a double rainbow or finding a four leaf clover. Rare, sought after and truly cherished. It is a moment that stops time and fills everyone watching with happiness. Thanks to a sweet friend of mine and her patient… Continue reading Horses and hand flaps

Judgy people suck

Everywhere we go, I get someone who asks me how old is he? Followed by oh wow, he is a big boy! Sometimes people ask me if he is talking or walking. I am not offended by these questions at all, but it’s hard to explain to people why he isn’t talking yet, why I… Continue reading Judgy people suck

Even the best days are hard

Today was a great day for the little man. He woke up super happy and made it through the day without any meltdowns. We took sister to school and finished up some Christmas shopping. He sat patiently in the shopping cart and even let me put a ridiculously adorable reindeer headband on him while we… Continue reading Even the best days are hard

Major Morning Meltdown

Holy shit. This morning was one of the worst ones I can remember. He has been doing so great lately, I had almost forgotten what a meltdown was! He was kind enough to remind me, keep me on my toes. Dawson woke up crying in his crib (yes he still sleeps in his crib, it… Continue reading Major Morning Meltdown